Friday, January 8, 2010


There is a man named Daniel Kish who is visually impaired. He sees nothing. Yet if you watch this video, you will see that he rides a bicycle through the city streets and on wooded trails. As the video explains, he has learned how to navigate by making sounds and “seeing” by hearing the sounds bouncing back into his ears. It sounds impossible, yet it works.

Another interesting variation is a technology that interprets visual images into electrical impulses, which are then sent to the person’s tongue. This video shows people being able to distinguish even numbers on a page using this technology and the sense of touch. This also seems impossible.


In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul wrote about speaking in tongues. It seems from this scripture that the practice is the spirit speaking separate from the mind. Even more, the scripture also describes someone having the ability to interpret the tongues. Personally, I have never experienced speaking in tongues myself. It honestly seems impossible to me. Yet the Bible says that it exists (or at least existed) and people that I trust say they have experienced it. Therefore, I believe it is possible.

Things like this remind me that this is a peculiar existence. The limits of it may be much more blurry then they appear.  Who knows what kind of mysteries of creation God is still waiting to reveal?

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