Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of the difficult aspects teaching someone is understanding the perspective of a person who has not yet gained a particular bit of knowledge. Once knowledge has changed the teacher’s perspective, it can seem like that knowledge has always been there. What we call “common sense” or “basic logic” may be the sum of information we learned that we do not remember not knowing.

For example, take a minute and look at this picture below. What is it?

If you have never seen it before, or you do not know what it is, it probably looks like random dots. Ready for the answer? It is a Dalmatian (dog) drinking water from a creek. The large black jagged line coming from the left side is the shore of the creek. We are looking at the dog from the back-left side. Do you see it now?

If you did see it, look again and try to see the picture without the dog or the creek. Try to see it as you did before, a random group of dots. I do not think it is possible to go back once you have seen it. Once your brain has formed it, you cannot go back.

Amidst Paul’s chapter concerning love in 1 Corinthians 13, he talks about knowing. He says that we now know in part, yet someday we shall know fully. Right now we only see a poor reflection.

To me, this is encouraging. Sometimes life in general looks like a bunch of random dots on a page. No rhyme or reason. As much as I try, understanding is elusive. Yet God knows and sees the overall picture. Unlike an imperfect teacher, he understands that I do not know and gives me grace. I sometimes picture God watching and saying “Aww…he just does not get it yet.”  But someday, I will know. God give me the faith to follow until that day comes.

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