Friday, April 30, 2010


At this stage in my life, I see a lot of people around me who are continually striving to build their lives. We are “wannabes.” We are baristas that want to be musicians, assistants who want to be managers, and students who want to be teachers. We are singles who want to be married, married people who want to be parents, and lonely people who want friends. May be 50 years ago people would be safely tucked into a nice comfortable spot by now, but it seems to me that is becoming the exception instead of the norm.

We want to be significant, to matter. We spend our blood, sweat, and tears in our attempts to make our dreams come true. We seek mostly what is just beyond the horizon. There is a sense of spiritual hunger that seems to drive us. Yet sometimes it seems that hunger can get so strong that one can be consumed by it. We want just one drop of…


Jesus says in John 6 that he is the goal of our striving. He says that believing and drawing to him will cause us not to hunger or be thirsty. He also guarantees that what we seek is not the temporary stuff we see around us. It seems this stuff is what makes us strive.

The truth is probably that this striving is not limited by life stage or situation. May be it is a universal human condition to want. I am not sure what it looks like, but I “wannabe” filled with that which will last.

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