Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ray Kurzweil is a famous scientist. He is famous because he was instrumental in developing software in which a computer can read text. He is also a futurist, making predictions about trends and breakthroughs in technology. He predicted the growth of the Internet in the 1990’s as well as the growth of wireless Internet. Kurzweil also predicts that before he dies, he will be able to download his consciousness on to a computer, waiting for the time when the technology will exist to give him a new body. Then at some point, he will be able to download the consciousness of his deceased father as well. He thinks they will take their new bodies and live forever.

There is no doubt that Kurzweil is a brilliant man. His intelligence has brought him many accolades. Yet just like many other men, he wants to have power over death. He chooses technology and nutrition as the tools he thinks will give him this power.

The problem is that the odds are not in his favor. All but one man in the history of the world who have sought power over death have not gained it. Many have tried in many ways. The Bible mentions other men who were resurrected from death, but only Jesus Christ has in himself power over death.

In John 5, Jesus talks about his Father bestowing upon him the power over death. He says his followers will cross over from death to life, no technology needed. We will be renewed.

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