Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Comeback

On January 3, 1993, I was at Colter’s barbecue having a delicious Sunday afternoon lunch with my friends and family. We were also partially watching the NFL playoff game between the Houston Oilers and the Buffalo Bills. One of my friends, who was a Houston native, was very excited to see the Oilers were soundly shellacking the Bills 35 - 3 during the second half of the game. A Houston Oilers commentator even suggested it was time to turn out the lights on the Buffalo Bills. 
However, the Buffalo Bills’ backup quarterback Frank Reich was not finished. He was no stranger to this type of situation, having led the Maryland Terrapins back from a 31 point deficit to a 42 - 40 win back in college. Despite being a career backup and losing their future hall of fame running back Thurman Thomas to injury, Reich and the Buffalo Bills scored 28 points in one quarter and went on to win the game in overtime, 41 - 38. This amazing feat is to this day simply called “The Comeback.”
However, as a devout Christian and former pastor, Reich is merely a fan of the greatest comeback in the history of the world. At the climax of human history, Jesus Christ shocked them all to the point of disbelief. Mark 16 describes how he appeared to many people as a real, resurrected human being.
This good this morning! When everything was dark, a beam of light came piercing through to bring the dawn. So as Christians, let us keep on serving, loving, and seeking until the light breaks through. We serve the God of the comeback!

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