Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moving: Box or Bag?

As I write this, just about everything I own is in a box or a bag. It will all be transported elsewhere today in the back of my truck. I thankfully saved all of the boxes that I used almost a year ago when I moved to this place. Moving is kind of a strange experience in which I always feel a little nostalgic. I really do not like moving.
Even if you do not move to another city (which I am not), it still changes a lot about one’s day-to-day experiences. I will likely be driving different roads, getting groceries somewhere different, and going to a different gym. It seems like a small change, but it is a big one that requires quite a bit of adjustment. For a while I will have to do things much more consciously, instead of going through my established patterns.
In Mark 13, Jesus warned his disciples that some things would be moving. As they were walking through what was one of the world’s greatest cities of that time, the disciples could not help but be impressed. When they pointed this out to Jesus, he told them it would all change: “Not one stone will be left on another.” He was right, the move did happen. The good news is that Jesus promised it would be okay. Even though they needed to be on guard, they also would be given the spirit to help them in their weakness. 
So may be the message of moving is to remind us what is important. God is everywhere, even when my world is moving around me. Not one of these boxes will remain on another. I will get settled somewhere else, then at some point I will move again. But God is good and he will be there too.

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