Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easy Street

Sometimes it seems that we are constantly looking for the exit to Easy Street. We use e-mail instead of having to buy a stamp and head to the post office. We drive cars instead of walking. We avoid awkwardness with a lie. We avoid pain with medication.

Unfortunately, these conveniences do not make all of life easy. E-mail often goes unread, cars break down, pain comes back, and we can get caught in lies. Even if none of these things happen, no amount of technological advances will actually transform our lives into an easy float down the Comal River. There are still accidents, disease, poor choices, and death that can make life hard.

In 2 Corinthians 6, Paul does not describe his pursuit for the easy life. He describes a pursuit for the Godly life. In the Godly life, he sets out a paradox of suffering and happiness. It seems like sorrow mixed with fulfillment. It actually appears opposite to that easy life that most of us are seeking.

I personally do not believe the easy life exists. Even a person who has all the money in the world without having to work for it would likely have the hardship of feeling like the days are meaningless. So life is hard, deal with it. I think realizing this gives us the freedom to take our challenges head on instead of avoiding them.

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